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Weibo Wonders: Case Studies of Brands That Hit the Jackpot


Weibo isn’t just another social media platform; it’s a universe of opportunities. With over 511 million monthly active users, it’s the go-to platform for brands looking to make a splash in the Chinese market. But how do you navigate this complex landscape? Let’s delve into some real-life case studies that demonstrate the power of Weibo ads and strategic marketing.

Tourism New Zealand: A Journey to Remember

The Strategy

Tourism New Zealand collaborated with Chinese superstar Huang Lei to promote New Zealand as the ultimate holiday destination. Huang Lei and his family toured the top of the South Island, sharing their experiences on Weibo.

The Impact

  • Weibo Posts: 6
  • Likes: 592,000
  • Hashtag Views: 1.6 million
  • Media Articles: 530
  • Advertising Value: $2.7 million

The posts about food, especially a lobster dinner in Kaikoura, garnered the most attention, with over 123,301 likes and 11,044 comments.

Coca-Cola: Personalisation at Its Best

The Strategy

Coca-Cola launched a unique campaign allowing users to order customised bottles through Weibo Wallet. They sweetened the deal by charging only the shipping fees.

The Impact

The campaign generated significant Weibo buzz, with thousands of personalised images reinforcing the brand’s popularity among young people.

Coach: Luxury Meets Engagement

The Strategy

Coach initiated a Weibo campaign called “Coach Footprints,” offering followers a chance to win a luggage tag worth RMB 500 ($82).

The Impact

The campaign led to a 157% increase in followers and a significant boost in user engagement, including a 50% increase in comments.

The Common Thread: Weibo Ads

What do all these brands have in common? They leveraged the power of Weibo ads to amplify their campaigns. Whether it’s a celebrity endorsement, a personalised product, or a simple giveaway, Weibo ads can be the secret sauce that takes your brand to the next level in the Chinese market.

The Takeaway

These brands have shown that with the right strategy and effective use of Weibo ads, you can achieve remarkable results. Want to be the next success story? Contact Digital Crew to kickstart your Weibo journey.

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