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WeChat – A Great Way To Engage With the Chinese Property Buyer

WeChat - Real Estate

Most companies attempting to sell real estate in China understand the importance of social media- particularly WeChat.

But why would you want to use WeChat to sell overseas real estate? How to sell your house to Chinese buyers? To begin answering these questions let’s look at 3 important facts:

According to a 2020 Survey, Chinese high-net-worth individuals (HNWI) are now investing 12.5% of their money in foreign assets, with London being the most favoured investment location

– For the past seven years, Chinese purchasers have led foreign investment in U.S. housing. According to reports, they purchased $11.5 billion in U.S. house properties in 2019-2020

– The depreciation of the Chinese currency, yuan, is one of the key reasons why Chinese investors seek to buy properties abroad. Buying and owning a house in London or New York is far safer for investors than sitting on a pile of cash.

WeChat & The Chinese Buyer Persona

Without a doubt, the Chinese purchasing power is at an all-time high today. These buyers want to invest their money safely and prioritise two things: education and lifestyle.

Many Chinese investors seek to purchase real estate in foreign countries, mostly to provide their children with access to western education. This is an essential during the purchase consideration phase.

Taking this into account and using it in your WeChat marketing strategy is a wise move. Begin by blogging about international destinations, educational opportunities, and other topics that are sure to pique the Chinese interest, in your offering.

Gaining Followers On WeChat With QR Codes

If you want to gain WeChat followers, you should have a QR code, which you should include anywhere you can. This is because scanning QR codes is a common way for WeChat users to connect with company pages. QR codes can also be used to gain access to WeChat’s web-based login. This is a fairly limited version of the platform, but it can be used for responding to messages and property inquiries.

Serving Your Customer Base With Push Notifications And Messaging

Your Official account allows you to send push notifications and newsletters to your followers, however the amount you can send is limited. You may also create groups to facilitate group discussions – a group can have up to 500 members.

WeChat users expect Official accounts to provide instant and group chat capabilities, and followers demand prompt responses. So, make yourself available to your contacts.

You can use messages to deliver critical property information to your followers, such as blueprints and specifications.

How to sell your house to Chinese buyers? – Set up a WeChat microsite

Setting up an HTML5 microsite is a must if you want to make the most of WeChat as a marketing tool. WeChat acts similarly to an operating system in that it contains millions of smaller sites within it — this is how it gives users with such a diverse range of functions without requiring them to exit the WeChat app.

WeChat micro-sites are very customizable and may serve as a brochure, presenting your properties while also promoting your experience and establishing that you are a reliable business.

And Finally, Remember That Quality Breeds Engagement

If you want to keep your fans interested on WeChat, you must share useful information, just as you do on other social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn. Please keep in mind that your target audience is Chinese, thus your content should be tailored to them. When you share content, you can include calls to action like clicking through to your website or contacting you via WeChat.

Successfully utilising the WeChat platform entails far more than simply translating Western content onto the Chinese platform. A multicultural advertising agency with a multilingual content marketing team could be the answer you are looking for.


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