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Set Up A WeChat Account. Make It Official.

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Simply put, WeChat is a single app that combines Venmo, Facebook, Whatsapp, Google News, Tinder, and Pinterest. WeChat users spend an average of 86 minutes each day on the app, making it a must-have social platform for foreign brands & businesses looking to tap into China’s mass market.

While you would think that this platform is solely useful for marketing within China, you must also consider the vast number of people of Chinese origin worldwide. These People, all across the world, use WeChat to contact family and read articles in their native language – whether they are first-generation or fifth generation.

A WeChat Official Account is a wonderful way to start promoting to a Chinese audience, for organisations trying to break into the Chinese market. You can engage with your audience and gain influence among important consumers through this channel.

What Are WeChat Official Accounts?

There are special WeChat accounts designated for business use – known as the WeChat Official Account. Compared to other messaging apps’ business accounts, WeChat Official Accounts have more restrictions designed to stop companies from creating a poor user experience with too many push notifications.

It is a public profile, similar to a Facebook Page, that allows individuals or organisations to create content, gain followers, and sell their products and services. After you have set up a WeChat account, it allows you as an account owner to communicate with their followers in order to influence and engage them.

There are 3 different types of WeChat Official Accounts:

1)        Subscription Account

2)        Service Account

3)        WeChat Work

Articles on the web usually refer to WeChat Work as Corporate or Enterprise accounts.

WeChat Subscription Accounts and WeChat Service Accounts allow users to build a relationship and communicate with their customers. WeChat Work accounts are to be used as internal company messengers. The annual verification unlocks new features and functions for both Service and Subscription Accounts.

Subscription Account

WeChat Subscription accounts are for celebrities or other single individual businesses that need to post a lot of content on daily basis.

Subscription accounts on WeChat are mostly used for information and brand communication. They’re used in a similar way to a daily news feed. They can only post to subscribers once a day, and each time they can only publish 1-6 pieces. With no push alerts, all changes are forwarded to the users’ subscription folder.

Service Account

WeChat Service Accounts are for small, medium or even enterprise size businesses. Unlike WeChat Subscription Accounts where you can only post content, a WeChat Service Accounts gives your business access to many more sales and service-oriented functions. This means your business will be able to open a WeChat store, create/add your own Mini Programs (WeChat Apps) and access additional WeChat functions. Customer support, API connections, e-commerce, and CRM are just a few of the features available with WeChat service accounts.

In comparison to subscription accounts, WeChat Service Accounts provide greater features and have a lower posting frequency than subscription accounts. But they have a better visibility owing to push alerts.

WeChat Work Account

While subscription and service accounts are aimed at external markets, WeChat enterprise accounts are mostly used for internal communication and administration. Marketers and the general public do not have access to them.

WeChat work accounts are for various employees to communicate with their organisations. WeChat Work can be a powerful addition to the tools a business uses to streamline operations and communication at work.

Setting up a WeChat official account allows businesses to reach a large audience and effectively build brand awareness. If you’re not sure about how to set up a WeChat account or which type of account is best for your business, feel free to contact us for a free consultation.

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