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Asian American Marketing Campaign – The Winning Formula

How Can Your Business Successfully Engage With The Asian-American Audience?

Asian-Americans have quietly surpassed other ethnic minorities in the United States as the fastest-growing multicultural group, albeit from a much smaller base.

When you combine that with the fact that the median household income for Asian-Americans($94,048 in 2019) exceeds the median income for all minorities in the United States, you have a tremendously valuable market.

Here are 5 do’s & don’ts of Asian-American marketing campaigns, without falling back on stereotypes or generic marketing:

5 Do’s Of Asian American Marketing Campaigns

1) Customize Your Messaging & Utilize CRM

Asian-American consumers are at the forefront of online buying, technology adoption, and smartphone usage, making inbound marketing an excellent investment. However, most businesses aren’t devoting enough resources or targeting Asian-Americans successfully.

Treating Chinese, Korean, South Asian, and Filipino customers the same way simply does not work; you must address their unique cultural nuances by segmenting your audience and tailoring your content, imagery, and creative to each group.

2) Be Courageous With Your Content

Content that touches on timeless themes like family, community, and tradition can be helpful in attracting distinct Asian-American subsegments. Publish a mix of content in your Asian American marketing, that addresses sensitive cultural issues like casual racism as well as heartfelt topics like what Japanese-Americans miss most about Japan.

3) Incorporate Native language messaging

This may appear obvious for multicultural marketing, but reaching Asian-Americans is more dependent on in-language media than other cultural segments. Three out of every four Asian Americans are foreign-born and prefer to consume content in their native language.

4) Focus On The Benefits

Asian-Americans are a value-driven demographic that spends more money on discounts than non-Asians. They are prepared to spend extra for high-quality goods, but they are more sensitive to overt promotional messages & campaigns, compared to other ethnic groups. For example, mention deals in email subject lines.

5) Visual Emotions Are Key

The end of traditional marketing heralds the start of a new era for your brand in the digital age. Affluent Asian-Americans are drawn to a visual narrative that elicit powerful emotions. Marketers must demonstrate a better understanding of human behaviour in order to sell to South Asian Americans.

5 Don’ts Of Asian American Marketing Campaigns

1. Don’t devalue the importance of storytelling

Stories are a monument to an incredible world wherein there has been more changes in the last 5 years, than in the previous 55.

As marketers today, you must not only keep up with the newest technological advances, but also with cultural factors that are reshaping the communication landscape. The affluent South Asian audience is captivated and informed by stories. They yearn for relatable stories as a viable source of enjoyment and information for future growth.

2) Don’t ignore the rising incomes of The Indian-American segment

According to the most recent PEW Research data, Indian-Americans have the highest wages that outstrip the national median. Marketers should put more attention on getting brands in front of these underserved spenders in the United States, if they want to increase sales.

3) Avoid Cliches

Intelligence, wit, and humour are not only popular among affluent Asian American consumers–they are the new normal. Prior to beginning campaigns, be aware of the subtleties and comprehend particular points, just like you would with any other target market.

Discover the buying patterns of an affluent immigrant customer. Keep an eye out for emerging trends among GenZ and Millennial South Asian influencers. Understand how they differ from the generation born in other countries.

4) Don’t Focus On Presentation. Rather, Focus On Participation

Asian Americans are tired of being talked at: they want to be talked with. South Asian Americans like to do business with people who look like them and share their goals.

Brand marketers must bear witness to the growth of this new population and effect change in their own attitudes. They must assess the message and not be in a hurry to create a message and send it out – if they don’t have something significant to say.

5) Don’t use print or TV  ads, But Technology To Connect

South Asian Americans use technology to find information. Asian Americans are also embracing technology to connect with individuals who share their hobbies, interests, worries, and causes.

Brands must identify critical areas of importance for this affluent client base, incorporate it into their brand identity, and use technology to be more creative, effective, empathetic, and adept in interacting with them. This is what will shape & affect future sales.

In Closing

It is not sufficient to convert your mass-market campaign into many languages or to employ Asian-American models to feature in your advertisements. You must have a separate strategy and a voice that speaks to each distinct subsegment. Only then can you demonstrate to Asian-Americans that your brand knows and cherishes their cultural values.

As you continue to target this specific market niche, Digital Crew can provide more stimulation for your marketing budget as well as strategic ways to communicate with this tech-savvy audience.


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