Why Add Video To Your Social Media Marketing Strategy?


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Video Will Rule Social Media Marketing To The Fullest

Video and social media marketing have finally combined to produce a baby called ‘Video Social Marketing’ or ‘Video media marketing’ (We made that up), but that is what the internet looks like right now (Reality!). In our previous blog, we mentioned how videos will take over social media completely by 2020. If you don’t see videos dominating almost 80% of your social media feed today, then you’re probably following the wrong accounts!

It has been scientifically proven that humans process visuals 60,000 times faster than text and 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual which is why it comes as no surprise that 65% of your audience are visual learners. Let us predict the way video marketing will take over social media soon.

Before we jump into the guide to video marketing, let us startle you with some facts:

Facebook is catching up with YouTube and now has 500 million people watching its videos everyday

YouTube records 500 million hours of video watch time daily

-About 5 million users watch branded Instagram videos everyday

-28% of marketers said that LinkedIn videos are one of the few impactful marketing mediums

-10 billion videos are watched by Snapchat users

-The platform that got famous for words has now moved on to receiving video content views from 80% of its audience!

Videos don’t need to be overwhelming, you need to segment your content strategy before creating the actual videos. For instance, you can’t sell mangoes with a video centered around tetra packed juice. Similarly, you need to set your context in place before making your video.

1. Educational & How To Videos

If you are used to reading content, you are most likely to be drawn to a ‘how to’ guide before any other article that just sounds catchy, because you know that a ‘how to’ article means business. When you create a video that gives out useful information in the form of a tutorial (which is now an occupation for many YouTubers), you will get a useful response. However, you have to keep your quality in check from time to time.

2. Expert or guest Interviews

The expert interview strategy adds relevance to your table of videos for many reasons. The expert who gets invited to add more value to your video content will get his/her viewers to your platform and vice versa while striking a familiar bond with your content. It’s a win-win situation for your brand, the expert and your audience!

3. Review Videos

Consumers are more likely to buy products after consulting their family, friends, information from the internet or both. Product reviews work highly in favor of your brand if it’s reviewed by an authentic entity. This entity can be an influencer, YouTuber, expert or just a regular person with a loyal circle of followers. This strategy lets your brand leverage the entity’s credibility and it adds value to your conten while maintaining a reliable image at the same time.

4. Vlogs

A vlog is a video + blog that is filmed by a person depicting a day or a routine in his/her life. A brand can choose to sponsor its incorporation in the video content where the entity who films the vlog features the brand in some way. A vlog is transparent because it captures a ‘slice of life’ situation from the user itself.

5. Live Videos

Live videos or live streaming has gained popularity from the Facebook live and Snapchat revolution. The internet audience seeks real-time content to feel like they’re part of the moment. Brands can leverage this form of video marketing to engage with their audience on a personal level by roping in a spokesperson to take over the account and address questions, review products or talk about the organisation in general.


6. Animation videos

Animation videos are a breath of fresh air amidst the content we see on our page because most individuals associate animation with relaxation because it brings innocent entertainment to the table. Some animation videos can be explanatory ones with an element of humour. The best part about this from of video marketing is that adults and kids can relate to the content because of how neutral it is.

7. Virtual Reality Videos

 If you’re ready to take your consumers on a more experiential journey through your social media platform, then you must incorporate virtual reality videos in your strategy because it gives the audience the option to ‘scroll’ around and absorb every inch of a product or space. This option allows viewers to navigate and control their experience.

8. Augmented Reality Videos

This form of video involves the addition of a digital layer to what a user is currently viewing. A user can point his/her camera in their living room and the AR feature will allow the user to witness what a sofa would look like. The feature is already used by retail stores in China to a great extent.


Video marketing can get a little overwhelming, but it can get you the desired attention you seek for your brand with time and practise. Video is a pathway to earn your consumer’s trust because it engages your audience and gives your brand a human voice. It also gives you the freeway to experiment with content that is creative and delightful for your audience.

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