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Little Red Book is the go-to app for females aged 20-35 years old living in top-tier cities in China

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Little Red Book (in Chinese: 小红书 Xiaohongshu, in short RED) has become one of the most popular apps in China, especially among young women in China.

With over 300 million registered users and 100 million active users, Little Red Book has become the go-to app for females aged 20-35 years old living in top-tier cities in China to discover the latest trends and products. On an average user spends about 4+ hours per day on this Little Red Book app. Based on user generated content, Little Red Book (Xiaohongsu) has become the gateway to customers’ trust in China. Little Red Book is also home to Key opinion customers and leaders and is one of the most popular apps for advice-based social shopping.

Little Red Book’s design is similar to Instagram and takes a lot of inspiration from Instagram: 3 to 9 pictures and videos with text descriptions. The content style is usually very personal, often with lots of emojis. Users can engage with content via like, bookmark, share, private message, and comment.

Compared to WeChat and Douyin(Tik Tok), Little Red Book is a much smaller social media channel. The user demographic is also very skewed toward female and top-tier city users and is ideal for cosmetics, health, beauty, fitness, tourism, education, etc. related brands.

Little Red Book is a great platform for brand marketing and creating awareness just liked in Instagram . The posts need to be optimized with hashtags, music, emojis. etc. . Red influencers are the most effective way to drive traffic and convert sales. Brands should also consider launching their own store or Mini Program to drive e-commerce sales and/or loyalty programs.

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