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A Short Guide To Baidu PPC

Baidu PPC

Given that China is one of the most digitally connected countries on the planet, it is critical for brands to build their online reputation and brand awareness. Using Baidu PPC advertising is one of the most effective ways companies may do it (Pay Per Click). Baidu Paid Advertising is an excellent approach to boost your visibility and presence on China’s most popular search engine.

The online advertising market has been growing at a double-digit rate for the past decade. When it comes to advertising in China, however, you must consider not just the most popular platforms in terms of people, but also (and most crucially) the infrastructure of each platform. Check if your campaign is compatible with their services.

Baidu’s DSP/Media Banner ads aren’t as popular as Google’s because the majority of their advertising is PPC (Pay-per-click). In fact, in China, paid search results are viewed differently than in the West, with more faith in paid search.

Key Features

• 2 ad copywriting lines (although often only 1 will typically show, depending on ad placement)

• The ability to run in-feed ads and create brand zones, thus reaching your target audience more efficiently

• Top 5 search results on Baidu

• It’s more difficult to tell the difference between paid advertising and organic search results.

• Ad keyword bidding costs can fluctuate, therefore the campaign needs to be closely monitored.

Depends On The Sector

When it comes to Baidu adverts, there are several restrictions, particularly for health and pharmaceutical products, where you must first consult with a specialist.

PPC’s efficacy varies by industry; for example, high-value investments or small-scale purchases do well with Baidu PPC (e.g. Real Estate & FMCG). Cosmetics & Baidu PPC also work well together.

The User Demographic

Because Baidu’s traffic is entirely search-based, you can expect a highly qualified group of users who are actively seeking information. PPC is one way to reach this audience, but SEO is also crucial to Baidu’s success.

Should My Business Use Baidu PPC?

Although Baidu PPC will help you gain traffic and kickstart your project, an SEO plan will be more advantageous in the long run. Organic traffic is more qualitative than paid traffic, and it is less likely to go unnoticed if your competitors decide to bid higher on your keywords than you. Although organic results do not appear in front of sponsored ads, they nonetheless produce a significant volume of high-quality traffic.

As a result, you should weigh all of your options in light of your requirements, expectations, and budget.

In Summary

This search engine is used for 75% of all first-stage research. Baidu will undoubtedly continue to invest substantially in its mobile ecosystem in order to provide a better user experience, given the incremental increase of mobile users. Marketers will be able to reach a larger and more engaged audience as a direct result,

To put it another way, ‘Baidu’ is a ‘must-do’ in China. Get in touch with our team, and we can help you run effective advertising campaigns on Baidu.

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